PetroAnalytix™ specializes in providing advanced data analytics services to oil and gas companies for their drilling operations.

As the amount of your drilling real-time data grows, the ability to analyze it and extract insights from it has become more critical than ever. PetroAnalytix has the infrastructure, technology and expertise to help you analyze your large volumes of data, enabling you to make better decisions faster so you can optimize your operations.

We provide modern, intelligent drilling advisory systems for real-time monitoring, predictive analysis and management of drilling trouble ahead of the bit. We use advanced data analytics,prediction, and simulation technologies.

Traditionally, data analytics will run either in a single database or multiple databases simultaneously. PetroAnalytix goes beyond that. We use Big Data technology and a Private Cloud for faster, more secure data analytics. The results will be displayed in real-time with other real-time drilling parameters, so you can make decisions instantly.

Our unique calculation uses advanced algorithms to create the Formation Curves providing a superior display of the curve. And when combined with correlated wells and earth models, PetroAnalytix enables you to see the formation signature identifying where you are in the formation.