How do you realize value from ever increasing volumes of data? PetroAnalytix can help. With our powerful, streaming analytic engines and event-driven architecture, we work with you to identify key business insights needed to make important decisions.


PetroAnalytix can produce a new calculated curve from different parameters and show it in real-time, like Mechanical Specific Energy (MSE).

Using our advanced algorithms, we can generate the Formation Curve enabling you to make decisions like where to place the casing or to identify where you are in the formation.

PetroAnalytix uses deterministic and statistical analyses techniques to provide log analysis services to the oil and gas industry in every time zone worldwide. These statistical techniques can be applied to production logging data as well. The analysis of this type of data, or other pressure, volume, temperature (PVT) data, immediately after logging runs can provide quick results helping to avoid further costly logging.

In particular, these statistical techniques can provide interpretations in complex multi-phase flow regimes that are simply not possible with the deterministic approaches used most commonly today. The analysis of temperature data alone can often provide accurate flow rates without the need to run other logging devices.