DrillACT™ is a powerful drilling analytics software that enables you to continuously optimize your operations through its predictive capabilities. It helps to save cost by determining Invisible Lost Time and Non-Productive Time, hereby allowing users to optimize their processes.
DrillACT diagram

How DrillACT Works

DrillACT is engineered to use a combination of drilling sensors and subsurface data with advanced cognitive algorithms to predict ahead of the bit. It also allows you to predict the lithology so you can verify the correct direction.

The application is designed to work at the rig site or the office. It uses PetroVault™ HD’s Big Data infrastructure to keep the results synchronized and to perform high speed analytics so you get faster, more accurate results.

The software adapts to different workflows, regions and applications, giving drillers the specific solution they require for the job. DrillACT goes even further by providing dynamic alerts and predictive events so you know when you are about to deviate from the model, allowing you to quickly take preventive action.

DrillACT Architecture

Setting up a calculation, mapping data streams to the algorithm

Development environment for algorithms (scripts)