In petroleum exploration and production, subsurface models are the basis of every field development. To build valuable subsurface models, it is vital to have a thorough understanding of the stratigraphic succession. Equally important is an objective, data driven approach to geophysical well log interpretation.


PetroAnalytix has a team of geologists who are experts in stratigraphy. They have obtained extensive experience in generating stratigraphic frameworks in a wide range of basins and depositional settings. Their proven track record includes both exclusive and multi-client well interpretation and correlation projects.

PetroAnalytix’ stratigraphic frameworks are better because they were generated using Integrated Linear Predicted Coding (ILPC). ILPC is an objective, data (not model) driven approach. By filtering regular patterns from wireline logs or LWD data, ILPC emphasizes the discontinuous parts of the data. These parts are important because they relate to basinwide correlatable events, including erosional surfaces, hiatuses and abrupt changes in sedimentation rate or type of sediment.

Analysis of discontinuities enables our team of geologists to make better exploration to reservoir scale correlations, especially in complex fields. Do you want our expert stratigraphers help you to generate valuable subsurface models? Contact us at