Drilling Real-time on Classic Systems: The Challenge

The drilling environment’s dependence and access to data is increasing at a rapid rate so that we now have a Big Data problem. Classic infrastructures based on relational data models are insufficient to support the volume and the analytical use of this information. Typical challenges include limited performance as data grows, cost-effectiveness of storing highly dense data, challenges around redundancy and business continuity.

These platforms are simply not designed for high speed streaming data and are not the future of real-time analytical systems for the oilfield.
PetroVault HD - built for oil industry Big Data

The Future is Now for Oilfield Big Data

PetroVault HD is Petrolink’s next generation Private Cloud that resides inside your business. It’s a secure, always-on infrastructure built for oil industry Big Data. A robust, fault tolerant and distributed infrastructure, it provides superior business continuity. Capable of hosting a wide variety of data, the system offers sub-second analytics and an intelligent alerting platform to support optimization, prediction, data mining and manage-by-exception. It enables advanced workflows such as drilling ahead of the bit.


PetroVault HD – Evolving Capabilities